CORREA CF 22/25 Rebuild Project

Milling machine CORREA CF

22/25 mechanical

retrofit including:


• Milling machine disassembly and preparation for retrofit

• Milling head: Replacement of damaged gears and bearings.

Grinding of the principal axis.

• Replacement of X, Y and Z axes damaged bearings.

• Rebuild and preload of X, Y and Z ball screws.

• Repair and adjustment of guideways on all 3 axes.

• Sanding, priming and painting of every part of the


• Repair or replacement of telescopic guards, including the

replacement of damaged parts of the guarding.

Machine disassembly and prepare for retrofitting

Ball Screw and Axis rebuilding

Axis rebuilding Scraping for geometry correction

Cleaning and prepare for painting

Cleaning and painting

Retrofitting assembly process

Milling machine CORREA CF 22/25 mechanically retrofit including:

Electrical, Control and Geometry
• Disassembly, cleaning, revision and reassembly of the whole
power cabinet.
• Disassembly, cleaning, revision and reassembly of motors,
drives and CNC control
• Disassembly of control panel (including cleaning, sanding and
painting) and reassembly.
• Geometry setup and performance check in all 3 axes of the
• Acceptance test protocols of geometry and accuracy.

Clean and refurbish all electrical components

Laser Calibration and accuracy test on 3 Axis

Acceptance test protocols of geometry and accuracy

Machine Retrofit and Assembly complete